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Help the less privileged is main motive of SODSA, so we give out money, clothes, school materials, etc to people

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we inspired both young and old, on what to do, and how to do it, in other to reduced the level of poverty in Africa.


You as an individual can also support SODSA programmes by donate new or used materials and money to support the less privileged. contact us.


SODSA Framework is rooted in maximizing the strengths of target audience in offering well-managed, relevant and responsive programmes in advocacy and services whilst affirming her vision, purpose and core values.

Founded and inspired by Passion on the need for Sustainable Development in a Region so endowed with human (Intellectual), mineral and unequalled Cultural values, urgent need to participate in the Revival of dwindling Cultural values, eradication of Obnoxious Socio cultural norms, recycling of Retirees, education, health, mentoring of youths and career counseling. SODSA is a Regional voluntary Non Governmental Organization with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria

SODSA under the able leadership of Lady Comfort N. Ani started work within communities in 2007 and was registered as an NGO with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2009.

Lady Ani Comfort Profile

SODSA Programme

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Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation through Skills impartation/Acquisition is an empowerment training program run by SODSA. The target trainees are more of the less privileged who may not have the resources to undertake formal education to appreciable levels but can develop their skills through SODSA trainings on: E.g. Cosmetology, bead works, dress making, cinematography, poultry farming, poultry feeds, cookery and bakery etc.

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Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment, Peace and Security are three interwoven strategies that can make or mar the developmental growth of a nation. SODSA strategic plan includes principally, advocacies on formal and informal education, skills training, job creation, employment and drug abuse. When youths are empowered, there will be relative peace and when there's peace, security is made easy.

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Eradication of Obnoxious Cultural practices

Eradication of Obnoxious Cultural practices. E.g. Female genital mutilation, wife and property inheritance etc. Circumcision of the girl child, otherwise referred to as female general mutilation, is a primitive practice which can endanger the life of a mother during child birth. It can also enhance infection. Wife and property inheritance are ancient processes whereby a woman who lost her husband is forcibly married out to a brother or next of kin of the husband against her wish. The new husband inherits her and her husband's property. SODSA has been on the vangaurd of advocacies and fight against these practices.

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Re-engagement of retirees in periodic activities

Re-engagement of retirees in periodic activities to help them keep fit and share from their wealth of Knowledge. People retire from active services when they reach mandatory age or length of service. They are retired but not tired. SODSA in partnership with industries and organizations engage them as volunteers to establishments through where they support the systems with their wealth of knowledge.

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Education. SODSA engages in advocacies on formal and informal education. Her attention is more on the rural areas and education of the girl child

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Help and care of the less privilleged

Help and care of the less privilleged. SODSA gives financial, material, medical, mentoring and food assistance to the less privilleged, poor and destitutes from time to time in communities

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